Coteaux de Botrys a Lebanese winery founded in 1998 by the late General Joseph G. Bitar.  That's how today 10 hectares of vineyards, with over 50,000 vines, are situated in North Lebanon region of Batroun (The name of Botrys is the ancient Phoenician and Greek name of Batroun), in the areas of Kfifane, Jrane and Edde at an altitude between 250 to 400m . 

 The region provides ideal conditions for viticulture, and Coteaux de Botrys is rapidly gaining a reputation as a producer of delicious wines, that prove Lebanon has exciting and varied terroirs outside the Bekaa valley, the country's most famous wine making region.


Coteaux de Botrys currently produces three red wines (a blend and two varietals), using Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Mourvèdre and Grenache.


Today the brand is owned by General Bitar's daughters all of whom are passionate about continuing his vision for producing world class wine and promoting North Lebanon as a hub for Lebanese wine making.


The winery focuses on premium quality, cultivating the vines to produce low yields. Harvesting is done manually. Coteaux de Botrys uses traditional production methods, including the use of organic and non chemical fertilizers.


Since 1992, Coteaux de Botrys  also produces the premium  quality Arak Kfifane, cited by Michael Karam, Lebanon's leading wine and spirits writer as" arguably the best in the country".


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