Who we are

In the small village of Eddé in the Batroun region, the winery of Coteaux de Botrys has been installed 10 years ago.

There are fermentation tanks, tanks with floating covers, destemmer, the bottling and corking machine and the vertical presses. A 300 year old farm house next to the winery has been converted to cellars, a boutique and an open air area for wine tasting. The terrace overlooks a portion of the vineyard and in the distance we see the city of Batroun and the sea.

Josiane Bitar Fayad manages the sales, marketing and promotion of the wine.
Neila Bitar the production manager overlooks and synchronizes the delicate work at the winery. She leads a crew in charge of the viticulture and the winemaking formed by a seasoned oenologist and an experienced technical team both on the field and in the winery.

To reach this quality we only use natural ingredients and organic fertilizers part of which comes from compost in which all residues of the presses are collected.
We are an ambitious team looking forward to advocate quality on quantity consistent with our founder’s vision.


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